Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Victoria Secrets Pink line of Clothing free essay sample

Principles of Marketing Victoria Secret Pink I’m your typical Pink customer and I mostly buy sweaters, pajamas, sweatshirts, and blankets. In my closet you will find pretty much all UCLA items from the Pink line. I buy them because they’re comfortable and fun to wear. Especially when it has your favorite teams name on it. Each time I think of Victoria Secret I think of UCLA to be honest. When I walk into the store I head straight to the Pink items. The Pink dog and the bright colors attract me to them. I’ve never thought of the Pink brand as being sexy at all.I mean sweatpants and a sweatshirt sexy really? To me that’s more comfortable than anything else. Sure they do sell bras and underwear which I have to also purchase before, but like I stated already I don’t think it’s sexy. We will write a custom essay sample on Victoria Secrets Pink line of Clothing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They’re articles of clothing that a lady needs to wear in her everyday life. Sometime especially for women it is fun to dress up your whole outfit, weather that is the clothes people can see and the clothes people cannot see. My mind set of purchasing undergarments is not because they’re cute but more because I need them.Now I have a girlfriend whose favorite store is Victoria Secret, she has a credit card with them, she love the polka a dot undergarments, and accessories. Now when she shops, she shops because she feels cute and sexy in their products. That’s the difference between the two of us. And I believe that’s the mind set of many women, ladies, and girls whatever you want to call the Pink consumers. I don’t think that Victoria Secret’s Pink line needs market boundaries at all. I work with teenagers raging from 11-18 years old.I’ve seen my teens wearing Pink line products and never did I ever think they shouldn’t be wearing them. I’m not saying that because I to wear their product either. It’s just clothes that they’re wearing in my eyes with the words Pink on them. I find it silly that some people see the Pink brand as to sexy; because of the lingerie they sell. Well it’s really not lingerie, because it’s just a bar and underwear (boy shorts thongs) with polka dots or strips on them. They aren’t see through at all nor do you have to buy a garter belt to go along with them. That to me right there is consider lingerie. Not a simple bra and underwear with strips or polka dots on them. Which you can also buy at a Target store and where they advertised women wearing these products in their weekly ads. Now if Target can sell the same items and post them on their weekly ads, is that considered bad? Should parents stop their young teens from going to the lingerie section of Target to look at these items too? People are only making a big deal about the Pink line, because of a few reasons.One, maybe they don’t want to accept their teen is growing up. Or that they think by watching the Victoria Secret run way show their teen will become obsess with being skinny. Maybe it’s that fact they think by wearing these clothes they will have intercourse early. Regardless of what it is every store that sells an advertises lingerie (underwear and bras) run the same risk that Victoria Secret does. Girls love the Pink line because it gives them the ability to look cute and comfortable. For example they now sell Pink items for every sports team and college team.A girl always want to look cute at a sporting event why now wear a Pink brand with your teams name on it. That’s what Pink is about being fun and colorful. The more choices and ideas you give to your consumers the more they will buy. Negative consumers see it as away to brain wash it consumers especially teenagers into thinking this is what they should be wearing an acting like adults. Forgot about Barbie dolls they need to work towards their Angel wings. Getting skinny and wearing thongs at an early age. That’s where the negativity and concerns come from.The only way for someone’s attitude to change is if they go with their teen an experience the store first hand. See that they aren’t there to influence bad choices. They’re simply trying to sell items that everyday teenager wants and wears. Their style now is full of colors and excitement. Victoria Secret isn’t just about sexy things; they have shoes, jeans, dresses, and much more to offer its customers. I don’t think that the Pink brand is playing a self-concept roll on tweens, teens, and young adults. In this era the social network and reality television shows have corrupted the innocents of the teens.

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