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Establishing theme Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Establishing theme - Essay Example as’ literary works, many things with the reference to the Star Wars universe (toys, clothes and other items of everyday use) have been produced and successfully marketed. The films themselves deserve particular interest because of the strength and actuality of the themes they cover, and the movie of the present paper – the fourth episode, â€Å"Star Wars: A New Hope† – deal with the one of the most often discussed topic – the destiny of an individual. The film uses techniques (lighting) and design elements (costuming, set design) which contribute to this topic establishment, which will be explained below. Lighting. The use of lighting technique is a strong point of the film, especially in regards to the theme of the destiny of a human being. The scenes of the film which involve the film protagonist – Luke Skywalker (for example, a scene when he buys droids for his caregivers’ farm in a desert: the sun is shining bright, and the sky is cloudless – no obstacles for the light) – employ a sufficient amount of the light of both natural and artificial origin, which determines his destiny as positive and, what is important, realized by himself as such. The best example of the lighting employment is the light sabers of the Jedi – in the trilogies, blue saber is a feature of a positive character (Jedi knight), whereas the negative ones, the Siths, operate red power beams. The light of a light saber is an indicator of a character and a reflection of his fate – the Jedi fulfill the mission of the good and complete it, even if they are killed in a combat , they are present with their close persons and guide them in a correct direction, whereas the Siths strive only for their own satisfaction and want absolute power which, in the end, leads them to failure. (Lucas, 1977). It is also necessary to mention that the visualization of the lighting effects were on a relatively high level for the times of the film, and â€Å"†¦brought audiences into more immediate

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