Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Business P6 UNIT 12 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business P6 UNIT 12 - Essay Example These types of online marketing operate in a twenty-four-hour time frame, where the target client is, conveniently, placed to get the advertisement (Sheehan, 2010). Online marketing has potential benefits, both to the target client and the advertising company. One of the significant benefits is convenience, where a company is open for business on the world platform with little expenses. It is also convenient to clients in that a person can browse the online stores at any time, and place their orders at a convenient time. Online marketing is also, cost, effective than the usual physical retail. A business entity does not have to incur expenses felt on property rental on retail outlets. Internet marketing enables one to build a personal profile of the client, where client follow up is possible, and the cost is effective. There personalized offers to meet client needs, and invite them to make product reviews, hence retaining them as regular customers (Sheehan, 2010). Another major benefit is accessibility, especially to people who are disabled. Sheehan (2010) observes that physical barriers for accessing products do not exist anymore because the internet can be accessed from various electronic devices that are potable and convenient, even to the disabled. In addition, there are potential benefits to an online organization, making it easy to manage its operation. It is also cost effective, in that one does not have to incur rental property for operation. Furthermore, many businesses are opting to do marketing online, meaning that there is a huge potential for

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